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liuyi Mar 20

Net of Chinese wooden floor Net of Chinese wood floor than real wood floor,agents of garden fence aggrandizement is compound the floor is cheap and fine, performance is steady, and easy do maintain. In daily life, do maintain Aggrandizement floor What small key is there? Let us look together.

1, after floor firm laid ends, often should maintain indoor airy current.

2, retain a floor board dry cleanness, WPC fence and railing without wood knots Floor surface If have contamination, use commonly do not drip the tide of water pulls cloth to wipe can.

3, prevent to the floor is roasted meat bake by cooking utensils and be out of shape.

4, mat of foot of a loiter should be placed before the door, reduce sand to the floor wear away.

5, with the floor special cleaner keeps clear of stain and besmirch. ecological garden screens and fences Cannot use the article cleanness that has scathing property, for example metallic tool, nylon grinds to fill up and bleach be soiled pink.

6, exceed serious article to should be put aside smoothly put,replacing wood fence with vinyl furniture and clog all cannot go forcedly push-pull daggle, lest surface of cut wear-resisting layer.

7, cannot blow with edge tool, delimit floor surface.

8, cannot use leach bubble floor board, if have an accident, should use in time dry pull cloth to pull dry floor board.

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